Day 8

Sorry for completely missing yesterday. I went to my son’s Special Olympics. For the most part, it was awesome. I didn’t need to do my Gazelle, because I spent six whole hours walking, jogging, and running around an entire football field going from one event to another taking pictures and following my parents and son around. During those six hours, I amassed an impressive (and painful) sunburn, even through two applications of sun block. I also missed a few areas with the sunblock, and those are the worst. The sun block areas are already tanned.

With the sunburn, I came home with heat exhaustion, sore muscles, muscle cramps, and fatigue. I also came back with some awesome pictures. Yes, that is me behind my son and parents so I wouldn’t have to show my body.

DSCF0097 DSCF0076

Food yesterday was simple. I had eggs and ham with some shredded cheese for breakfast (wasn’t supposed to have the cheese), and two hot dogs with mustard for lunch (wasn’t supposed to have the buns). For supper, I was too hot to eat, so I had a glass of CIB. I think I drank at least two gallons of water.

Today, it was a day of sleep. I literally slept the whole day from 3am (when I finally was able to fall asleep) until around 5pm. I was awake about an hour where I drank water until I floated, then slept again until around 10pm. Then, it was another nap until 3am. So, apparently, I overdid it yesterday. Not sure why, but I’m not hungry at all, and trying to eat makes me nauseous. So, think I’m still suffering effects from the heat. Let’s hope (the real) today is better than the day I slept through. Maybe I can actually stay awake.

Day 6

Today was a total bust. Why? Well, it’s 10:26 pm, and I just woke up. So, guess who is going to spend the next 24 hours awake? Since my day starts now, and midnight is just a short while away, I’m making this really, really short. Just a little check in. I’m counting what’s left of today as tomorrow.

Let’s hope ‘tomorrow’ is better than ‘today’. However, tomorrow is going to be interesting. I just looked at the date, and then realized that my son’s Special Olympics is tomorrow. So, not only will I be dragging ass, I will be doing so in the heat. In the heat, with a date.

Oh, tomorrow is going to be interesting… Wish me luck!