Day 11 and My Grocery List

Went grocery shopping today. I wiped out my bank account, but I have enough to last me the month (I hope). Here’s what I bought, Fruit first, Pantry, then Meats:

Grocery List
Food Price Store
Gala Apples $   2.99 Aldi
McKintosh Apples $   2.99 Aldi
Blackberries (4) $   3.96 Aldi
Cherries $   3.49 Aldi
Raspberries (2) $   3.98 Aldi
Lemons $   1.49 Aldi
Grapes (2) $   4.98 Aldi
Kiwi (2) $   1.38 Aldi
Strawberries (4) $   5.96 Aldi
Carrots $   1.29 Aldi
Pickles $   2.29 Aldi
Multi-Color Peppers $   2.99 Aldi
Green Peppers $   1.49 Aldi
Onions $   1.09 Aldi
Celery $   1.29 Aldi
Green Onions $   0.99 Aldi
Broccoli $   1.49 Aldi
Cauliflower $   2.49 Aldi
Kale (2) $   3.78 Aldi
Cabbage $   1.19 Aldi
Iceberg Lettuce $   1.29 Aldi
Slivered Almonds (2) $   5.98 Aldi
Sunflower Kernels $   1.99 Aldi
Onion Soup Mix $   0.79 Aldi
Butter (2) $   4.78 Aldi
Canned Mushrooms (4) $   2.36 Aldi
Milk (2 gal) $   6.74 Aldi
Mashed Potatoes (2) $   1.58 Aldi
X Virgin Olive Oil $   3.29 Aldi
Pure Olive Oil $   2.99 Aldi
Organic Coconut Oil $   4.99 Aldi
Stevia Sweetener $   1.99 Aldi
Raisins Canister $   2.89 Aldi
Beef Broth (4) $   5.56 Aldi
Chicken Broth (4) $   5.56 Aldi
Chili w/o Beans $   1.29 Aldi
Chicken Tenderloins $   6.79 Aldi
Chicken Breast $   6.69 Aldi
Canned Chicken Breast (4) $   6.76 Aldi
Boneless Ham $   8.48 Aldi
Encrusted Tilapia $   5.29 Aldi
Bob Evans Pork Sausage (2) $   6.78 Aldi
TOTAL $146.46

Things I still need to get, probably from Wal-Mart:

Eggs, Green Tea, Steak, Deli Meats and Cheeses, Baby Spinach Leaves, Garlic, Apple Cider Vinegar, Cat Litter, Dryer Sheets.

So sorry for not posting the last few days. The Special Olympics really took everything out of me. At least, I think that’s why I spent most of the weekend asleep. I couldn’t stay up more than an hour or two at a time, and I’m still fighting fatigue. I’m hoping this diet perks me back up. I bought so many yummy things!

I did weigh myself Saturday, and according to my scale, I am about 5 pounds lighter than when I started, so YAY!


Because I spent most of my time in bed since Thursday, I’ve done absolutely no exercise, and I’m sad about that fact. I also haven’t been eating much or doing much of anything. If this keeps up, I’ll be heading to my doctor this week to see what’s up. Until then, I’ve gone back on my vitamins to help with the deficiencies of not eating, drinking water until I float, and I’m about to get on my Gazelle and plow through 5 minutes of exercise.

Then, since I’m up, I’m going to go try and get this fruit and stuff packed up properly in my fridge so it lasts more than a few days. I’m hoping everything I bought lasts the whole month, but we shall see.

If anyone has any bright ideas on what to do with all this stuff, I am all ears. Until then, I need to get my butt on that Gazelle and get food sorted before I pass out again.