Day 12

I went back on my CIB diet today temporarily. Mainly because I got lazy, and I had an eye appointment today that kept me out of the house most of the day. When I got home, I was so drained, and my eyes felt weird from being dilated, that I just gave up and went for the easy and mess-free way of eating.

I did, however, get my fruit packaged up and put away for now. I’ll be taking bluesparklez0 advice and portioning out some of my fruits for smoothies. I have… tons of fruit. I also plan on cutting up my apples and things and making snack packs. Basically, just individual servings, already cut up so my lazy ass can just go to the fridge, grab a snack and go back to my comfy chair for noms. I have a ton of ziplock baggies, so I plan on doing this for everything, from my raisins and sunflower seeds, to my fruits and veggies.

Either today or tomorrow, I’m making crockpot chicken stew. Instead of cornstarch or cream, I plan on boiling some of that yummy cauliflower and pureeing it to add to the chicken broth. Add some carrots, celery, an onion, chicken breast, and guh, I wish I had leeks. I may wait until tomorrow so I can nab some leeks. That would make the stew so much nom. Or, I can just add cabbage. That would work since I have no money.

Alright, so, dinner for tomorrow is planned. Tonight, I’m having either tilapia fillet and some kind of salad, or I’ll have chicken breast… and some kind of salad. Any suggestions for the salad are welcome!

I need recipes!

I’ve been looking all over the internet for recipes that I can make with my kale. So far, I found kale chips and salad. I thought it was more versatile than that. So, I may end up putting some in my smoothies to boost vitamin intake. Though, with the Whole30 diet, I’m supposed to cut all dairy except butter. I usually make my smoothies with plain yogurt. Will have to research this to figure out what to use instead. Then again, I had CIB today, which includes 2 cups of 0% milk per serving… So, I guess I can include yogurt in my diet, and just limit my smoothies.

Who knew diets took so much research? I feel like I’m back in school again!

Pain Management

One thing I need to do is call my doctor and make an appointment for my joints. Both my shoulders keep randomly dislocating. So do my knees. My left hip constantly aches, especially after my workouts. If I’m going to keep working out, I need to deal with the pain in some other way than just taking Aleve every day. I’m not the kind who likes popping pills for anything. I hate it. So bad.

That will get done tomorrow, as well as a few other errands. Today, I’m popping Aleve and hoping my hip stops screaming enough to get on my Gazelle. I can’t lose weight if I’m not active, but it’s so hard to be active when you’re in pain. But, that’s enough about that. Time for a rant.

Eye Exam Rant

Do you know how hard it is to find an eye doctor when you’re on Medicaid? Let me tell you… Three months. It took me three months to find an optometrist who would take my insurance. No place in my city would, so I had to drive two cities over in order to get my eye exam.

Then, I found out that my health insurance only covers the cost of the exam itself. It doesn’t cover the cost of eye glasses or contacts unless you have aphakia… which I do not have. I’ve scoured the internet, and I found For my eye glasses, it will be around $60. More affordable than the $400 I was quoted at my eye doctor’s showroom, but still. I’m on SSI. Right now, I’m in the position where I can either buy groceries, or I can buy my glasses, but have to cut out half my grocery bill next month. $50 for groceries (plus $71 from food stamps) doesn’t buy much, certainly not enough for an entire month when you’re on a new diet and still learning how to shop for it.

I just want to see. It’s hard to concentrate when you have to have all of your browsers and writing documents at 175% just so you can read and work.

No matter what, though, I’m getting my glasses. My eye health is worth a month of skimpy meals.

Out of Storage

Well, crap. So, between writing this and my eye exam rant, I went and started packaging up food… because I could, and because I wanted a snack. I had fifteen storage bowls.

I’m down to one.

Guess who needs to buy more storage bowls? I planned on making stew in my crock pot, and making a few other crock pot meals so I could freeze them and have noms every night without the fuss. Well, can’t really do that without stuff to store the soups, stews and other fun stuff in.

What does this mean? This means I have to make some money quick, and I’m trying to wring ideas out of my gray matter. It isn’t working too well. I currently have 66 cents to my name, and storage bowls are expensive as hell. I may see if I can squeeze some money out of my parents and take a gander at the Dollar General for some storage deals.

*Flails* Why, money? Why? Ah well, we shall see what tomorrow brings!

1 thought on “Day 12

  1. Im really glad your going to prep your snacks! Im sure it will help a lot but im excited to see how you do with that 🙂 as for joint pain if you can somehow scavenge away a bit of money I would definitely recommend a high quality fish oil such as the Progressive brand. It has been proven time and time again to help with both fat loss, lean muscle gain, joint health and eyesight! As per usual, any questions feel free to ask! 🙂


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